halloween night (SPY ON)

October 31st, 2010

I’ve been spying on kids and their parents walking up to our door-”DING DONG!”The door bell rings, sounding the alarm. But no answer…I hope they don’t feel suspicious, that they were being watched from the upstairs bedroom window. I did see a kid come to our front door and knock. As usual, no one responded and silence filled the air . His mother, I guess, she knew what was going on, because I saw her disposition; She irritably popped her neck and roll her eyes while looking in my direction as I spied through skinny white blinds and fancy curtains. She gave him a ‘lets get out of here’ signal with her hand. At first I felt a little bad, but then remembered that kids aren’t suppose to ring the bells of homes’ that did not have their lights on. Though my family does not celebrate the holiday, I do enjoy seeing the costumes. The popular costumes for girls right now are: Princesses, witches, Goths and punk rockers. Which brings me to my cousin, I saw her on Facebook dressed in a cute/funky costume.To describe it; she had a blond bang and black high-tops, that was only a little of what she had on. Anyway, I’m still continuing my spying in my quiet neighborhood…

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